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Agrichemical Formulation Challenges? Battelle has fast, accurate answers with less field testing.

Spray Drift & Droplet Size Characterization

Get the data you need to move through agrichemical field testing and product registration quickly and efficiently. Battelle’s aerosol and air quality experts use U.S. EPA-approved protocols to determine droplet size and accurately model spray drift potential for product labeling and registration. 


Registration and labeling for tank mix agrichemical formulations require accurate data on droplet size and spray drift potential. We give agrichemical manufacturers the data they need to determine appropriate nozzle combinations and buffer zones, properly label their products and meet registration requirements.

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Battelle brings more than 30 years of experience in characterizing liquid synthetic and biological active ingredient mixtures. We conduct controlled studies using current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency protocols and use the AgDisp™ modeling program to determine droplet size and model spray drift. Our studies are conducted under stringent quality systems for U.S. and EU product registration, including ISO, ASTM and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). 

Battelle has two facilities where we can determine droplet size testing or design novel studies in a wind-controlled environment. Our unique facilities eliminate the need for expensive field testing for drift deposition, volatility and other applications.

Battelle uses a wide range of collectors including monofilament string, artificial foliage, rotary samplers, cascade impactors, impingers and an Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (APS 3321). Collectors can be positioned at multiple locations up to approximately 130 feet (40 meters) downwind of the sprayer. Collected samples are analyzed following established procedures and can be customized as needed.

soil samples in the wind tunnel

Indoor Facility: Environmentally Controlled Wind Tunnel

Our wind tunnel is constructed inside a facility with temperature and environmental controls. The working section of the wind tunnel is 6’ x 6’ with maximum wind speeds of roughly 15 mph. The unique engineering design allows for shorter wind tunnel length and better temperature control, resulting in more accurate data.

Outdoor Facility: Ambient Breeze Tunnel
Battelle’s one-of-a-kind spray testing facility, located outside of Columbus, Ohio, is approximately 150’ long with a 20’ x 20’ cross section. The facility offers the flexibility to quickly test full-scale sprayers under a range of conditions in a wind-controlled environment. Wind speeds ranging from 2 mph up to 180 mph can be locally generated to simulate ground-based and aerial applications. We can also add simulated crop cover to the facility. 


Indoor Wind Tunnel Spray Testing services

  • Droplet Size Distribution Characterization
  • Laser Instrumentation
  • Malvern SprayTec
  • Phase Dopler Interferometer
  • Modeling (AgDisp™, AgDrift™ and RegDisp™)
  • Study Design
  • Study Report Writing and EPA Submissions

 Outdoor Ambient Breeze Tunnel (ABT) Spray Testing services:

  • Field testing in a controlled-wind environment to replace field drift, deposition and volatility testing
  • Nozzle testing for ground (low wind speed) and aerial (high wind speed) applications
  • Flexible configurations for droplet sizing, including concurrent and cross-flow winds in low-speed wind tunnel and high-speed wind tunnel setups
  • Spray testing designs for turf, crops, orchard and vineyard spray applications
  • Assessment of downwind drift of spray material for ground sediment and airborne particle measurement
  • On-site analytical chemistry laboratories for supporting analysis 
  • Agricultural spray boom simulation design and testing
Battelle researcher working at the wind tunnel facility


Our controlled indoor and ambient tunnels will help you significantly reduce costs and timelines for collection of droplet and spray drift data. Testing in the indoor wind tunnel reduces timelines and improves accuracy for droplet size characterization. The outdoor ABT allows us to mimic field testing in a controlled wind tunnel environment, ensuring optimal testing conditions and reducing the need for field testing. We conduct all of our testing using maximum safety and quality controls. In addition, we make agrichemical spray drift testing easy for you: we have no restrictions for the spraying and testing of chemical actives, and all materials are collected safely and disposed of using appropriate HAZMAT procedures. 

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