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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

When you need to make it stronger, lighter and safer, or just a whole lot better, count on Battelle. Whether you need end-to-end development support or a tiny tweak to your product or packaging, we can help you accelerate development timelines and build in lasting competitive advantage. 

We bring the latest discoveries in advanced materials, formulation, product engineering and a whole lot more to solve your consumer challenges.  

Advanced Materials

Battelle is developing a new generation of advanced materials that are stronger, lighter, cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable. Whether it’s new products or enhanced functionality for specialty equipment, our advanced material solutions are made easy to apply, implement and deploy to all corners of the globe.

Battelle REBS™: Production & Manufacturing

Battelle’s Rapid, Enumerated Bioidentification System (REBS), provides a rapid and flexible next-generation microbial detection, identification and enumeration capability for industrial microbiology and sterile operations. REBS non-destructively detects and identifies microbial contamination in the air, in raw materials, in-process fluids or finished products within minutes from a single test s...

Food & Beverage Threat Assessment

Battelle is solving some of today’s biggest challenges for the food and beverage industry. We’re uniquely equipped to characterize, assess, model, predict and measure the full range of food and beverage threats.

Mass Spectrometry & Advanced Analytical Methods

At Battelle, you’ll find world-class expertise and equipment for mass spectrometry—and a whole lot more. Our research teams do more than run standard analytical tests. We apply deep subject matter expertise in analytical chemistry and related disciplines to solve problems.

Packaging & Processing

When it’s time to get your product to market, Battelle can help you put the final pieces together. We draw on our scientific and engineering expertise to help you improve existing processing and packaging practices with the overarching goal of improving the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of processing and packaging efforts.

Product Formulation Analysis

Battelle can help you make strategic product decisions and document emerging product formulation trends in the quickly changing detergent, household chemical and personal care markets – with the ultimate goal of helping you get the right product to market faster.

Regulatory Support for Tobacco & Nicotine Delivery Products

From cigars and cigarettes to electronic nicotine delivery systems, Battelle has operated at the forefront of nicotine and tobacco research for decades. Our experienced team can help you navigate the regulatory process with confidence.

ThreatSEQ™ DNA Screening Web Service

Gene synthesis is opening up exciting new possibilities for research and development—and potentially exposing the world to unprecedented threats. Battelle's ThreatSEQ solution is a web-based analytical software tool and service for rapid screening of DNA sequences submitted for gene synthesis.

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Battelle has been manufacturing interesting and challenging products for more than 17 years. We make sure your product is done right the first time. Battelle Manufacturing is built on our experienced and technically diverse team. We want to help you bring your idea to life with the best possible quality, while searching for cost savings that will help us give you the most competitive pricing.