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What Materials Will Work Best? Our applied research is changing the face of product discovery, development and manufacturing.

Advanced Materials

Battelle is developing a new generation of advanced materials that are stronger, lighter, cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable. Whether it’s new products or enhanced functionality for specialty equipment, our advanced material solutions are made easy to apply, implement and deploy to all corners of the globe. From bio-based materials to functional surfaces and from nanotechnology to power storage, we deliver competitive advantage. 


When it comes to consumer products, the right materials can make all the difference. But there’s a nearly infinite number of choices and combinations. How can you determine what materials will work best for your product? 

Battelle can solve your advanced materials challenges.
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Battelle applies the latest innovations in material science to improve product performance, cut manufacturing costs and reduce environmental impact. The novel materials we create through scientific advances solve difficult problems, ultimately increasing profitability, efficiency and sustainability for our clients.


Encapsulation by Design
Battelle’s encapsulation technology is ready to be tailored to your specific need. Our innovative microencapsulation technology can be adapted for a wide range of products, from time-release nutraceuticals to agrochemical formulations. Learn more.

Functionalized Surfaces
Differentiate your products and discover new product possibilities with functionalized surfaces designed to your specifications. Battelle is bringing innovative action to the science of surfaces, coatings and interfaces to solve your most challenging product problems. Learn more.

Other services:

  • Anti-fouling and anti-corrosion solutions

  • Sustainable materials development

  • Bio-based materials development

  • Hydrophobic and anti-icing technology


Our facilities include:

Battelle & Xerox Research Centre of Canada
Battelle and the Xerox Research Center of Canada (XRCC) have joined forces to bring together the world’s best researchers and facilities to solve today’s most challenging materials science problems. We apply a unique multidisciplinary approach to help you reduce capital investment and process costs and get new products to market quickly and efficiently. Learn more.

Florida Materials Research Facility
When you need to understand how your products, coatings, materials or equipment will hold up under real-world conditions, put them to the test at Battelle’s Florida Materials Research Facility. We can help you protect your bottom line and make better warranty and development decisions with accurate information about product performance under environmental conditions. Learn more.

Additional facilities include:

  • Rapid Prototyping Laboratory
  • Radiographic Imaging Center
  • Structural Evaluation Facility


Battelle’s advanced materials experts solve complex problems and challenges that touch polymers, metals and surface engineering. From eco-friendly paint thinner, to anti-corrosive metals, to high-tech, anti-icing and protective mesh coatings, our applied research is changing the face of product discovery, development and manufacturing.