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Target Your Investments Matching technologies and opportunities for performance and profitability.

Technology Assessment

Need a new technology solution to take advantage of new development opportunities? Or are you looking for new markets for your own technology? Battelle can help you identify the best technology solutions to solve specific industry problems, analyze market opportunities for existing technologies, and evaluate the potential impact of emerging technologies on your business.  


Oil & gas companies need new technologies to establish their competitive advantage. Battelle’s Technology Assessment service helps them determine technologies suit their needs to give them an edge in the market.

Battelle can help you match technologies and opportunities for performance and profitability.
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We use a systematic approach honed through decades of experience to help oil & gas companies match the right technology solutions to their goals for profitability, sustainability and growth.

We can help you answer critical business questions such as:

  • What technologies can be used to solve my problem?
  • How is my concept differentiated in the market?
  • What are new markets for my technology?
  • How will emerging technologies impact my current markets?

Depending on your needs, we can bring together experts in the evaluation of technologies and R&D capabilities, in-depth analysis of markets and market needs, and regulatory considerations to help you develop an actionable plan for technology development.


Our services include:

Technology Compass
The technology landscape for the oil & gas industry is changing faster than ever. How do you know which technology investments will give you the best return? Battelle Technology Compass sorts through the noise to find your best opportunities for the next year, the next decade and beyond. We can help you distinguish fact from hype, recognize potential market disruptors, and identify critical implementation risks so you can make confident decisions for future technology development.

Human Factors
Reduce risks associated with human error and improve the safety and usability of your products and processes with a systematic approach to human factors testing and human-centered design. Battelle brings together specialists in industrial design, cognitive science and a host of related science and engineering disciplines to design technologies for the oil & gas industry built with human needs and capabilities in mind. Learn more.

Testing and Risk Assessment
Battelle provides comprehensive risk assessment and product testing services to help you quantify your risks, understand product performance parameters, estimate useful remaining life and make effective asset management decisions. We have extensive experience in working with materials and products in challenging offshore and downhole environments. Learn more.


Battelle’s Technology Assessment services help our clients target their investments and identify which technologies will help them reach their goals and maintain competitive edge.