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Cutting Edge of Discovery Decrease costs through risk mitigation and operational improvement.

Coatings & Materials

From corrosion-fighting smart coatings to novel high pressure/high temperature materials, some of today’s most innovative breakthroughs in materials science start at Battelle. We’re working at the cutting edge of scientific discovery, from functionalized nanomaterials to sustainable bio-based solutions.


Leading-edge coatings and materials are critical in helping to establish and maintain the U.S. as a leader in the global energy space.

Accelerate growth and control costs.
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Battelle’s history of innovation and cross-disciplinary expertise has resulted in some of the most advanced coatings and materials for several markets. For energy applications, these technologies detect and treat corrosion and improve viscosity and fluid dynamics for enhanced operational efficiency.

Battelle is leading the way in materials development for the energy industry. We’re applying cutting-edge research from the military, pharmaceutical, consumer products, transportation and aviation industries to find new solutions to the unique energy challenges facing our nation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Corrosion coatings
  • Biofouling solutions
  • Electrical materials and supercapacitors
  • Encapsulation and controlled release technologies
  • Elastomers
  • Proppants


Our services include:

Corrosion Detection, Prevention and Mitigation

Battelle is working to expand the understanding of corrosion processes and develop new technologies and materials that resist degradation in even the harshest environments. Learn more.


Our benefits include:

  • Detect, repair and prevent costly corrosion-related challenges
  • Improve viscosity and fluid dynamics for increased efficiency
  • Decrease costs through risk mitigation and operational improvement