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eDNA Services Reducing the costs and risks of marine biodiversity monitoring.

Environmental DNA (eDNA) Studies

Battelle’s Environmental DNA (eDNA) studies help minimize the risks of disturbing environmental habitats and reduce costs of monitoring biodiversity. We can extract environmental samples from water, soil, snow, ice or other environments without the cumbersome effort of isolating organisms. 


In the world of exploration and production, it is critical to have a full understanding of the drilling environment. Battelle’s eDNA services gather and analyze critical data on the types of organisms living in a certain area at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

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Environmental DNA (eDNA) is the genetic material that organisms leave behind in the form of shed cells from hair, saliva, wounds or excretions as they pass through an environment. Researchers collect and filter water or sediment samples and extract DNA from the filters. The collected DNA is sequenced and then matched against a database of thousands of known species. These results allow researchers to accurately identify the species that have recently passed through the area without the time, expense and risks associated with collecting actual organisms.


Get accurate, detailed marine and terrestrial biodiversity data for a fraction of the cost of observational or catch-and-release studies. Battelle’s eDNA studies produce superior results faster, cheaper and safer than traditional study methods.