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Performance Technology Tomorrow's energy innovation starts here.

Performance Technologies & Sensors

Battelle is leading the way with new technology solutions to make energy production safer, more economical and more sustainable. We have decades of experience in developing, testing and validating sensors, pressure/high temperature equipment and other energy technologies that are practical, effective and ready for the real world.


The energy industry is constantly looking for ways to help develop regulatory standards, improve safety and get more out of production processes and facilities. Battelle develops technologies for the energy industry to improve safety, enhance production, cut costs, guide investments and establish sustainability.

Tomorrow’s energy innovation starts here
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How do we do it? We’re applying knowledge gained from our work in the military, aviation and consumer products sectors to find novel solutions to energy challenges. Our research teams bring together internationally recognized scientists and engineers from a diverse range of fields, including materials science, mechanical engineering, analytical chemistry, data analytics, genomics and many more. No one has access to more expertise under one roof.


Our services include:

Other services include:

Technology Assessment
Battelle can help you identify and evaluate the best technology solutions to solve specific industry problems and evaluate the potential impact of emerging technologies. We use a systematic approach honed through decades of experience to help government clients match the right technology solutions to their goals for safety and sustainability. 

Sensor Hardware Development
We develop high-performance sensors to better understand chemically hostile, high-pressure and high-temperature environments. We can adapt existing off-the-shelf technologies to marine and other challenging environments, make promising sensors producible and develop new sensor technologies to meet emerging needs. Battelle supports the full sensor development cycle from concept to logistics and has capabilities ranging from basic science to engineered systems. And our water processing and other specialty areas such as subsea communications make Battelle a valued contributor to subsea processing systems at many levels.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions
Need manufacturing help? Our advanced manufacturing solutions are geared towards low-quantity, high-complexity items that require a high degree of accuracy, reliability and quality control. We can help you scale up from prototype to commercialization in our specialized facilities.


Battelle provides objective, unbiased recommendations for technology evaluation, transfer and development. As a nonprofit institution, we are 100 percent focused on finding the best solution, including transfer or modification of existing commercial technologies.