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Making Connections

We apply a "climate lens" to understand risks, vulnerabilities and impacts related to people and the environment.


Climate change is complex, requiring a broad perspective that spans climatology, natural ecosystems, social and economic systems, and infrastructure. Battelle teams collaborate across disciplines to apply a “climate lens” to understand risks, vulnerabilities and impacts across sectors, and devise and monitor solutions for government and private clients. 


Our research can be used to help inform conservation and policy-making activities, and provide insights for natural resource management. Whether examining the impacts of climate change on infrastructure or human health or identifying highly vulnerable populations to heat waves or storms, Battelle has the capacity to look holistically at the links between climate, environment and people, and identify the datasets, analysis and capacity building required to boost resilience.

Understanding the relationship between climate, environments & people.
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NEON Program
Battelle is completing the construction, commissioning and initial operations of the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) for the National Science Foundation (NSF). Once completed and fully functional, NEON will serve as an extremely important national asset for providing long-term ecological data to the scientific community. The NEON program will advance the ability of scientists to examine and understand the interactions between life and the environment from coast-to-coast in the United States including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The 81 field sites will include a technological infrastructure that gathers information from air, water and land sensors, as well as field samples, over the course of a human generation. The vast amounts of data generated and the technical and human resources developed from NEON will help advance human understanding for decades to come. 

Communicating Climate Change
Battelle has extensive experience with the communication of key climate change information to technical and non-technical stakeholders, such as exposure to climate-related risks, data and data products for understanding climate change, or vulnerability and adaptation needs. Understanding the range of potential impacts anticipated from climate change, and the uncertainty with climate projections and impacts, is critical to support decision-making in a wide variety of sectors such as health, energy, agriculture, water resources and transportation. 

Natural Resources and Ecosystems
Battelle brings extensive experience analyzing the environmental impacts of programs and projects, and understanding the Earth observations and statistical methods needed to monitor interactions among climate change, biodiversity, invasive species, disease vectors, infrastructure and health. Building from analyses for a government client on climate change impacts to the coastal environments of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, Battelle has continued to apply our natural resource and coastal expertise to climate change challenges. For example, we led multiple tasks focused on identifying ecosystem services that could be impacted by climate change in the Ohio River Basin, including identification of resources at risk and formulating appropriate adaptation strategies.

Critical Infrastructure and Security
Battelle is a recognized global leader in critical infrastructure and security projects, recently supporting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grantees to ensure appropriate water system engineering design for West Africa. More broadly, Battelle supports private and commercial clients in understanding risks to energy, transportation, communication, health system and water infrastructure from a host of climatic, chemical and biological threats.

Vulnerability Assessments
Battelle has conducted vulnerability and adaptation assessments and provided training on methodologies applicable at the program and project level. These vulnerability and adaptation assessments have combined our expertise in natural and built environments, satellite-based data products, stakeholder engagement methods, and data analytics and visualization. As an example, Battelle has developed a conceptual methodology for climate change probabilistic risk assessment and associated adaptation tool design, using a coastal environment as an example application. The conceptual methodology incorporates hydrologic and hydraulic connectivity, sea level rise, evapotranspiration, and spatial and temporal patterns of rainfall, along with compounding non-climate stressors. 

Institutional Capacity Building
Adapting to or mitigating climate risks may also require institutional capacity building. Battelle works with organizations to build their capacity to conduct scientific research and development for climate adaptation and beyond, and to apply this research to meet stakeholder needs. Battelle activities have ranged from technical skills-building workshops to comprehensive assessments of human capacity and facility needs, to design of strategic research agendas. Government agencies and other stakeholders are consulted to ensure that results are actionable and policy-relevant, and tools are practical, usable and sustainable.


We have the cross-cutting expertise to make the connection between environmental exposures, climate variability and change, infrastructure, and the health and safety of populations.