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Integrated, Science-Enabling Solutions

Battelle has unmatched technical expertise, capabilities and facilities specific to PFAS

PFAS Assessment and Mitigation 

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been widely used in the United States in a variety of applications, and there are concerns about widespread contamination, environmental risks and human health implications.

Two PFAS compounds with known human health risks have been voluntarily phased out, but there are no federal regulations (e.g., for drinking water or listing as a hazardous substance) at this point. Most exposure assessments and mitigations are limited to identifying the presence of PFAS in soil and groundwater and treating drinking water.

Leading the Way

Battelle is leading new discoveries that will help assess, destroy or degrade PFAS. We have a specific mission to bring scientific solutions to government and industry for the benefit of society and have a robust internal research and development program that is focused on solving today’s environmental challenges.

Accredited for more PFAS analytes/matrices than any other U.S. lab.
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A Growing Need

It is clear there is a growing need for the U.S. government, states with PFAS concerns, and a variety of industries to collaborate in advancing tested and proven PFAS assessment and mitigation solutions. Such solutions offer critical information needed to make informed decisions based on the best available science.

How We Can Help

Battelle’s unmatched technical expertise, capabilities and facilities provide our clients with cost-effective solutions to address challenging sites and emerging environmental issues. Battelle’s credibility is based on independence and objectivity. For 90 years, our clients have sought our independent, candid and innovative approach to solving problems. As a result, Battelle offers an unbiased perspective in the design and implementation stages of restoration activities.

Focuses of Battelle's comprehensive PFAS program

What We Do

Analytical Lab Services
We apply rigorous quality controls to accurately measure even trace levels of PFAS in sediments, soils, water and biological tissues. Our lab provides high-quality, defensible data with very low limits, as well as new method development and optimization. Learn more.

Battelle’s accredited lab in Norwell, Massachusetts, establishes us as the leading PFAS testing lab in the country. Battelle also is one of a limited number of laboratories that can test more challenging, non-traditional matrices for PFAS such as landfill leachate and animal tissue.

Field Sampling
Battelle can help you accurately measure and understand the extent and severity of your PFAS contamination. Our field team will work with you to develop a cost-effective sampling plan tailored to the characteristics of your site and the questions you need to answer.

Remedy Selection & Optimization
Battelle conducts research and development to define remediation strategies for PFAS. We can apply the knowledge gained in our research to help you design approaches for your PFAS problem and research remediation methods.

We’re supporting a remedial investigation (RI) related to PFAS at a former Navy site in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Researchers are collecting surface water, sediment, soil and groundwater samples and conducting risk assessments as part of the RI process.

Data Collection & Analysis
Our scientists look beyond the numbers to extract meaningful information from the data. We recently authored a report that provides a summary of the state of knowledge surrounding PFAS and human health, identifies the gaps in understanding we still face, and recommends steps needed to fill these gaps.

Environmental Toxicology
We provide industry-leading environmental toxicology services, including general, developmental and reproductive, neurobehavioral, cardiopulmonary and inhalation. We can design and conduct toxicology studies to help the industry better understand the toxic effects and exposure risks of PFAS compounds.

Suppression Foam Alternatives
Battelle was selected by the Department of Defense (DoD) to study commercial off-the-shelf fluorine-free fire suppression foams to validate whether they have met military specifications. We’re working to determine whether commonly available firefighting engineering technology, such as compressed air foam (CAF) or ultra-high pressure (UHP), and/or minor chemical modifications, will allow the foams to meet the required standards of extinguishment and burnback times.

Enhancing Firefighting Capabilities
Battelle has a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) for fire integrated research and engineering. We conduct research, development, testing and engineering of materials, systems, technologies and training packages to enhance Air Force firefighters’ capabilities. That work includes studies for replacement firefighting agents and technologies to remove, capture and destroy PFAS from legacy aqueous film forming foams (AFFF).

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