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Interpreting Nervous System Data We're helping to restore voluntary function and activation of paralyzed muscles.

Neural Signal Processing & Data Analysis

Battelle can help you turn complex brain signals into clear information for innovative neurodiagnostics, therapies and other applications. 


Battelle experts are designing biomedical systems to therapeutically interact with neural circuits and advanced statistical signal processing – key to the development of nervous system interfaces with the goal of restoring function in paralytic disorders.

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Our neural signal processing and data analysis technology is serving as the cornerstone to revolutionary neurotechnology development. We are leading the way in developing better algorithms and new technologies to sense and interpret information from the central, peripheral or autonomic nervous systems.


Our services include:

  • Device development (external and implantable)
  • Algorithm development
  • Neuroinformatics
  • Machine learning/deep learning
  • Big data


Battelle can accelerate development timelines and control risks using an integrated approach to neurotechnology development, including medical device development, bio-sensor development, electrical and electromechanical device design and electrophysiological signal processing.