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Forensic Genomics

New genomic technologies are revolutionizing forensics, environmental monitoring, pathology, epidemiology and more. Are you prepared to implement these new techniques in your laboratory?

Battelle can help. Our experts are pioneering the use of Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS), also known as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), for a wide variety of applications – from crime investigation to disease outbreak monitoring.


MPS enables more precise identification and characterization of individual humans, microbes, plants and animals. Now, we’re helping our clients implement these technologies to solve real-world problems.

This technology can:
  • Generate useful information and new leads for forensic investigations, even when no match is found in DNA databases.
  • Quickly and precisely identify pathogens causing disease outbreaks and hospital-acquired infections and monitor the spread of epidemics.
  • Analyze the presence of microorganisms in environmental samples to generate new insights into the environmental impacts of commercialization activities.
Let Battelle provide you with fast, accurate answers using our forensic genomics capabilities.
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Battelle is leading the way in development of new methods and proprietary software and technologies for fast, efficient genotyping of individuals and rapid identification of microorganisms. We developed and applied new methods for quickly and efficiently genotyping individuals directly from shortread sequencer data and were among the first to publish methods for short tandem repeat (STR) genotyping in humans. Along with collaborators, we also developed methods to rapidly and accurately identify microorganisms using modest computing resources.

We have developed advanced methods for:
  • Determination of human identity, kinship, phenotype and ancestral origin in national security scenarios
  • Accurate microbe identification and metagenomics analysis for environmental bioremediation resolution
  • Bioinformatics analysis and database design
  • Characterization of human genome sequences for personalized medicine applications
  • Pathogen strain attribution for hospital acquired infections and environmental outbreaks


forensics vehicleBattelle ExactID®
The first full feature and commercially available forensic DNA analysis software optimized for massively parallel sequencing data. Learn more. 

test tubes in a labBattelle CRITERIOME™
Software that analyzes genomic sequence data to rapidly and accurately identify microbes and to predict potential drug susceptibility/resistance profiles. Learn more


researcher in a labMassively Parallel Sequencing Laboratory Systems Integration for Forensic Genomics
Turnkey implementation services to get you up and running with massively parallel sequencing, from start to finish. Learn more.  

technician working in the fieldEnvironmental Metagenomics
New methods and technologies to improve the accuracy, sensitivity and economics of specialized analytical chemistry and biosciences for oil and gas. Learn more


Battelle delivers sequencing results when and where they're needed – in the field, and in minutes, not days or weeks. Whether predicting the physical appearance of a suspect from DNA evidence or assigning attribution by tracing a pathogen to its origin, we deliver fast, accurate answers to the questions that matter most.

Forensic genomics process chart