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Risk-Management & Decision Support Addressing any threat-analysis challenge with the right tools and processes.

Threat Assessment

Battelle is equipped to characterize, assess, model, predict and measure the full range of CBRNE threats. That is critical to successful decision-making for clients in intelligence, defense and homeland security. In many cases, we perform these tasks on behalf of our clients in our own leading-edge facilities. In others, we provide them with the tools needed to perform these tasks internally. 


Understanding and accurately assessing a threat is life or death business. Those on the front lines must be able to make the best decisions possible, and those decisions can be made much easier with accurate, clear data. No matter what your specific requirements may be, Battelle is uniquely positioned to meet them.

See how our trustworthy data can help you make the tough decisions.
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With our extraordinary expertise and resources that are among the most extensive available, Battelle is able to address virtually any threat-analysis challenge, including: 
  • Advanced experimental design for threat analysis 
  • The development and customization of tablet-based applications to rapidly process and analyze field-test data – for example, on detection canines 
  • Literature-based threat characterization and intelligence analysis grounded in not only peer-reviewed journals, but also such nontraditional vehicles as social media 
  • Overseas bio engagement, teaching the world’s leading scientists to safely transform their nations’ swords into plowshares 

We’ve created an arsenal of proprietary tools to provide highly accurate and comprehensive insights into questions that have traditionally been difficult – or impossible – to answer, including: 

  • Placement & Evaluation of Detection Networks
  • Integrated CBRN Terrorism Risk Assessment

Our Threat Assessment business combines a wealth of experience in highly specialized experimentation with subject-matter expertise in every discipline of importance.

We provide: 

  • Advanced trace- and ultra-trace-level forensics and sample analysis that leverage CBRNE analytical expertise and statistical data interpretation to enable timely, actionable conclusions 
  • Chemical fingerprinting and equivalency testing for complex mixtures  
  • Chemical synthesis of toxic and radiolabeled chemicals 
  • Leading-edge experimental hazard characterization


Battelle's advanced CBRNE risk-management and decision support provides the tools and processes critical to decision-making, to address virtually any threat-analysis challenge, for clients in intelligence, defense, homeland security, and food safety.  
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