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Getting Out of Harm's Way Our detection tools evolve with changing chemical and biological threats.

Threat Detection & Identification

Enlisting Battelle’s proven solutions and latest breakthroughs is an efficient way to improve CBRNE defense preparedness while maximizing budget and performance. Take advantage of an existing portfolio of long-proven and leading-edge chem-bio technologies, or leverage our operational expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities for developing all-new chem-bio detection, protection and decontamination equipment.


Our focus is solving for the protection of warfighters and civilians alike by enabling reliable detection, collection, enumeration, identification, warning and transport of chemical and biological warfare agents and doing so in challenging environmental applications.

Keep people out of harm's way with Battelle's threat detection products.
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Battelle threat detection solutions are among the most effective and cost-efficient available because we offer collective expertise spanning dozens of interrelated scientific disciplines and industries.   

We offer: 
  • An exceptional portfolio of advanced CBRNE-defense products
  • A proven define-design-deliver sequence to assess technology, generate concepts, analyze alternatives and conduct critical testing and reviews
  • A network of Battelle-owned and operated R&D facilities and controlled-condition laboratories to ensure prompt results
  • Testing that covers everything from simulants to traditional agents and highly toxic materials, all performed in diverse, real-world environments 

Chemical and biological threats to national and global security persist and continue to evolve. The tools used to detect, assess and counter those threats must do no less. 


Battelle AirAlert™ 
Keep personnel safe from airborne chemicals in the field, on the base or wherever they may be deployed with Battelle AirAlert. It is an easy-to-use, portable system that sounds an automatic alarm when dangerous chemicals are detected in the air. Learn more.

Battelle REBS™ (Resource Effective Bioidentification System) 
Battelle REBS is a major advance in chemical and biological warfare-agent collection and identification. It enhances the safety of warfighters and civilians alike. Learn more.

Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) 
The Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) was designed to protect warfighters and civilians alike by reliably detecting, collecting, identifying and warning of biological warfare agents (BWAs). Learn more. 

Vapor Capture for Chemical Agents (VCCA) 
Battelle stands alone in having successfully addressed in-the-field analysis of air samples through our Vapor Capture for Chemical Agents (VCCA) collection and retention system. Learn more.


Battelle's chemical and biological threat detection products and services help ensure military personnel and civilians to get out of harms way as quickly as possible. This includes enabling necessary preparedness through cost efficiency, rapid fulfillment and ongoing support.