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Armored & Unarmored Commercial Vehicles

When it matters most, Battelle’s expertly engineered vehicles provide superior on- and off-road performance for military, security and commercial needs. More than 12 years of experience building and armoring tactical and commercial vehicles for military and special operations forces has equipped Battelle with a realistic understanding of field challenges and requirements for mission success.


Battelle prides itself on delivering ground vehicles that meet your needs. Our high-quality and high-value solutions provide:
  • Fully customizable mechanical, electrical, undercarriage, interior and external features
  • Use of global vehicles make for convenient worldwide servicing
  • Continuous improvement and problem solving from Battelle’s experienced engineers
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Battelle’s unarmored and armored vehicles are designed and built by experienced engineers. Our full understanding of the physical demands that vehicles encounter make our vehicles safe, reliable and durable.

Our features include:

Durability & Serviceability

Vehicle design, suspension enhancements and reinforcements extend lifespan while common platforms provide ease of service and repair. 

Performance, Mobility & Reliability

A systems engineering approach combines complex requirements into fully integrated, highly operational vehicle solutions.

Energy & Communication Systems

Upgraded energy and electrical systems and integrated communication tools support any mission requirement.


Superior engineering, manufacturing and armoring methodologies, improve safety – including proven emergency egress systems and enhanced armor coverage.


Battelle’s vehicles have a reputation for being the toughest in the business – equipped to endure rigorous missions in rough terrain resulting in off-road mobility and long-term durability that are second to none. Whether your team is looking for a modified truck, sedan, SUV or van, Battelle has a solution you can trust.