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Reduce Development Risks Modeling and simulation optimizes design with virtual prototyping.

Advanced Modeling & Simulation

Battelle is a leader in robotic modeling and simulation with two decades of experience, including extensive work with U.S. Navy clients and ongoing collaboration with university partners. Our proven history of effective 3-D modeling and simulation has been used in the development of the next generation of military ground robots. We're building upon our undersea environment work by providing a modeling and simulation environment for a major AUV provider to perform engineering analysis on the feasibility of utilizing various manipulator configurations to perform complex underwater physical interactions. 


Autonomous robotic technology is a major investment, and as such, carries significant risk. When miscalculations have serious consequences, robotic modeling and simulation effectively reduces risk by optimizing designs and conducting exhaustive scenario analysis before committing to hardware fabrication. The result being reduced program risk overall, including cost and time savings. 

Improve high-stakes robot performance.
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For complex product and environmental analysis, Battelle’s custom virtual environments facilitate state-of-the-art engineering processes for the full product lifecycle – from visualization of a new product concept to virtual prototype analysis, product testing and verification, and continuing to post-development optimization and operator training across domains and platforms.

graphic of the lifecycle for advanced modeling

Our capabilities include:

  • Design concept animations

  • Rapid virtual prototyping

  • Data analysis and visualization

  • Custom land or sea virtual environments

  • Product testing and verification

  • Product and algorithm optimization

  • Operator training systems


Our services include:

  • Simulation Architecture for Mobile Systems (SAMS) – a toolkit to support formal engineering analysis, test and evaluation for mobile and autonomous system

  • Extensive design and analysis tools for building conceptual robotic models

  • Custom virtual environments for state of the art design, development and engineering processes

  • Accurate geo/environmental simulations – for mission-specific operations in real world locations

  • Real-time physics simulation for maritime and ground robotics – demonstrating complex and dynamic environment interaction

  • Robust, accurate network emulation for compliance and verification of open architecture systems

chart showing robotic sims
Originally included in materials for AUVSI's Unmanned Systems 2015.


Our benefits include: 

  • Reduced cost, risk and time

  • Makes concept systems and data easier to understand

  • Design validation prior to prototyping

  • Optimized autonomous behaviors

  • Increased product success