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Automate Your Most Complex Tasks  With minimal programming time and knowledge.

PathPlan™ Autonomous Motion Planning Software

Automate Tasks in High-Risk, High-Stakes Scenarios and Reduce Programming Time

It’s not just what your robots can do, it’s where they can perform the work and how easily they can be programmed to do so. Now you can empower your industrial robots to automate the most challenging and complex applications in your environment—working within confined or hazardous spaces to perform intricate tasks on complex surfaces, high-value work pieces, and impossible-to-replace parts.

Automate the Impossible With:

  • Automated dynamic route planning
  • Scan-to-path and CAD-to-path motion planning
  • Collision avoidance
  • Real-time monitoring of the robot
  • Intuitive, “point-and-click” program interface
  • Collision avoidance during teach mode operation

Adaptable to most industrial robotic platforms in use in the market today, PathPlan helps you get more out of your equipment—while potentially saving you up to 80 percent on your current programming costs.  

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Why PathPlan?

We are talking about a new type of autonomous motion planning software that goes beyond collision detection. PathPlan is a real-time automation solution that delivers significant competitive advantages to your business.

With PathPlan, you can:

  • Reduce reliance on skilled programmers
  • Decrease overall programming time and costs by up to 80 percent
  • Repurpose existing robotic equipment
  • Slash system and task set-up time
  • Mitigate vulnerabilities during operations that are not pre-scripted
  • Increase safety, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Eliminate costly time-consuming manual operations
  • Decrease manual operation errors and damage

From robotic manufacturing and maintenance operations to manual process automation, Battelle’s PathPlan autonomous motion planning software reduces risk while increasing quality and efficiency for industrial robots operating in complex or high-stakes environments. 

How PathPlan Works

With PathPlan, your operators give your robot a specific goal and our algorithms determine the optimal collision-free path to achieve it—reducing your programming time and costs substantially.

  1. Learn: Robot scans environment using COTS sensors or receives CAD data.

  2. Visualize: PathPlan builds the virtual environment where your robot will operate.

  3. Define: The operator inputs the parameters of the task that you want the robot to accomplish, such as deburring all the edges of an irregularly shaped part.

  4. Plan: PathPlan software calculates a collision-free path to perform the defined task.

  5. Execute: PathPlan sends commands to the robot to execute the planned task via the collision-free path.

  6. Adapt: During run-time operations, PathPlan detects unplanned changes in the environment and adjusts its motion plan to accommodate the new information.

  7. Evolve: PathPlan applies what it has learned to different environments or to parts with varying characteristics, reducing the risk of collision during teach mode (manual) operation.

Sound like science fiction? It’s not. PathPlan is currently in use by automotive R&D departments, defense equipment manufacturers and the U.S. military.   

Ready to Automate Your Most Difficult Tasks? 

See what PathPlan can accomplish for you.

With PathPlan by Battelle, what was once the stuff of science fiction is now the cost-effective solution to your specific manufacturing or automation challenges. See what collision-free autonomous motion planning software can do for your business.

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