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Aviation Security

For more than 20 years Battelle has been solving our clients’ most pressing aviation security challenges. Most of the security systems and operational procedures used in the U.S. today were developed, tested or validated by Battelle. 


Passengers around the globe expect to be safe when taking a flight. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes work at the airport, training personnel or making sure you can safely carry liquids on a plane, Battelle is solving our clients’ most pressing aviation security challenges.

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Battelle works with TSA, airport authorities, airlines, equipment manufacturers and other industry stakeholders to ensure that security systems and procedures are safe, effective, efficient and reliable. 

We provide objective, independent, technically based analysis, advice and test and evaluation and system integration services to ensure the right technologies are acquired to address specific security challenges and that they are implemented correctly. And we can provide specialized solutions to meet critical requirements.

We make sure that your technology:
  • Meets detection requirements
  • Is operationally suitable
  • Is safe


Battelle LS10™ Liquid Bottle Scanner
LS10 addresses the challenging task of detecting explosive components in liquids, making it possible for travelers and visitors to safely carry liquids, gels and aerosols through security checkpoints. Learn more.

Battelle Verif-IQ™ 
Meet the next generation of acceptance testing for explosives detection systems: Battelle Verif-IQ.  Verif-IQ provides a reliable, efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional EDS testing methodologies. Learn more.

ProDetect™ Security Screener Training 
ProDetect is an interactive, web-based training system for aviation security screeners. Battelle’s two decades of aviation security research enabled us to create the most advanced training available for security personnel conducting screening at airport checkpoints and cargo processing facilities. Learn more.


High Hazards RDT&E
All of Battelle’s CBRNE Defense work is focused on making the world a safer place. We provide warfighters and first responders with the highest levels of confidence in their equipment. We help research, develop, test and evaluate (RDT&E) the full range of chemical, biological and explosives/energetics defense equipment, procedures and capabilities. Learn more.

Detection-Canine RDT&E Services 
Detection-canine teams play an integral role in protecting our assets, military personnel and civilians. They have the unique ability to deconstruct an odor into its components, picking out just the culprit chemicals they have been trained to detect. Battelle has more than 20 years of experience in canine-focused research, development, testing and evaluation (RDT&E). Learn more.


Our solutions are grounded in a solid understanding of the public policy, economic and human factors implications of different approaches to security system design as well as on the underlying science and technology involved. We offer more than just security technology expertise. We can help you find the best solution for the problems you are facing today and in the future.