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Changing the Nature of Defense We're uniquely positioned to help you solve your maritime autonomy challenge.

Autonomy & Operator Assistance

Autonomy software, subsea modeling and simulation and improved command and control are the next frontier for underwater sensors, vehicles and other subsystems. Battelle and subsidiary SeeByte are leading the way.


Some of the biggest challenges for those operating these autonomous vehicles are collision avoidance, collaborative tasking and path optimization, all while effectively accounting for challenging undersea variables like the lack of apparent weight. Battelle has a proven history of successfully combining physics-based models of vehicles, structures and the environment with advanced software techniques to develop autonomous systems.

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Battelle's custom physics-based virtual environments facilitate state-of-the-art engineering processes for autonomous robotic technology -- reducing program risk. Learn more about our modeling and simulation capabilities

SeeByte, a fully-owned Battelle subsidiary, offers a complete suite of autonomy products that enhance undersea vehicle, sensor and system capabilities. Platform-agnostic software includes products such as:


Autonomy is changing the nature of defense. Warfighters are now utilizing and demanding solutions that increase their capabilities and decrease their risk.  

It’s clear that modeling and simulation and autonomous mission planning tools will offer significant long-term savings by compressing the development cycle and rapidly providing endless amounts of data to inform technology and mission decisions. This is only the beginning – how can Battelle solve your maritime autonomy challenge?