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Tackle Any Mission Products that are versatile, durable and mission-ready.

Tactical Climbing Equipment 

From the hot desert to the high seas, from fast-roping environments to ships and skyscrapers, Battelle’s tactical climbing solutions can tackle almost any situation. Strong, dependable, robust and reliable, Battelle’s climbing equipment has long provided U.S. Special Operations Forces with cost-effective, tactical access when it matters most.


Custom-built by Battelle to address Special Operations Forces tactical access challenges, this tactical climbing equipment series reflects user input from concept to finished product and has proven to be durable and easy to deploy over years of in-field use. 

Battelle can help with your most complex climbing challenges.
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With proven expertise in the application, fabrication and testing of composite materials, Battelle has developed lightweight, high-strength materials capable of carrying one to safety even in the harshest environments. Integrating specialized engineering and structural analysis with comprehensive knowledge on corrosion protection, Battelle’s tactical climbing solutions operate reliably and safely no matter what.

TAIL systemProducts

Working closely with Navy SEAL operators, Battelle has developed a series of durable climbing hardware fit for the fiercest environments. Strong and durable, our ladders are customizable for the given situation, maximizing safety and reliability while minimizing cost. 

Our products include:

Tactical Air Initiated Launch (TAIL) System
Our pneumatically operated TAIL system can launch a tethered grappling hook over a 100-foot obstacle with a 60-foot standoff. Using compressed air obtained from a diver’s standard SCUBA tank, Battelle’s TAIL system provides quiet and discrete access to structures. Our simple, rugged design is safe, reliable and low maintenance, with better performance and lower costs than its predecessor. Trust the versatile TAIL system to get you across virtually any obstacle quickly and safely.

Improved caving ladders utilizing stainless steel construction with customizable aluminum rungs that are designed specifically for Visit, Boarding, Search and Seizure missions.

Rapidly deployable rope ladders that use Kevlar rope for lightweight solutions for operational use in harsh environments.

A fast rope descend device (FRDD) that slows the descent of heavily loaded operators while fast roping, reducing the risk of injury.

Flexible and versatile Common Tip Interface (CTI) allowing for quick-change capability for a variety of attachments while preventing unwanted tip rotation and binding.

Carbon fiber composite manual poles that are collapsible, lightweight, easy to carry and simple to interchange with other tip attachments.


Our deep engineering and materials expertise, and understanding of user perspective, makes Battelle uniquely qualified to develop and deliver versatile, durable, cost-effective and mission-ready custom tactical solutions.